Research & Development Centres

CanmetENERGY Research Centre (Devon, Alberta)

CanmetENERGY focuses on the development of cleaner fossil fuels and related environmental technologies with a focus on oil sands and heavy oil. With approximately 130 scientists, engineers, technologists, managers and support staff, they generate knowledge to provide solutions to industry, advice to government policy makers and regulators, and to provide relevant information on oil sands and heavy oil issues. They have an intimate knowledge of oil sands and heavy oil processes.

The CanmetENERGY Research Center works with industry and government on projects that can take the form of R&D agreements with individual companies, research consortiums or collaboration on demonstration projects. They enter more than 150 client-sponsored projects per year, including companies ranging from small to major international energy corporations.

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Alberta Agriculture, Forestry and Food Processing Development Centre (Leduc, Alberta)

Agriculture is fundamental to Alberta. Linked directly to primary agriculture are Alberta’s food processing, food service and beverage industries.

The food and beverage industry is Alberta’s largest secondary manufacturing industry, generating in excess of $10.0 billion in value of shipments. Alberta Agriculture and Forestry opened the Food Processing Development Centre at Leduc in 1984. It serves to encourage the growth and expansion of this vital industry in highly competitive domestic and global markets.

The Food Processing Development Centre is a modern, fully equipped pilot plant and product development laboratory facility. It is staffed with experienced food scientists, engineers and technologists. Centre services are designed to strengthen and expand the capability of Alberta’s food processors to meet the challenges of the marketplace through application of new technology and the development of new or improved products and processes.

The Food Processing Development Centre is one unit in the Food and Bio Processing Branch of Alberta Agriculture and Forestry. Each of the five units is uniquely situated to provide development and research facilities for agri-food processing companies, or those interested in non-food uses for agricultural products.

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