What is JEDI?

Joint Economic Development Initiative (JEDI) is a dynamic economic development organization that was created in 2003. The County of Wetaskiwin is the partner municipality that forms JEDI. Located in central Alberta, Canada, the County of Wetaskiwin is near the capital city of Edmonton and cover an area of 3,324.87 square-kilometres (821,593.27 acres).

To manage the economic road-map for the region’s long-term growth, JEDI’s key objectives are the expansion of industrial development, attracting foreign direct investment (FDI) and advancing the growth of existing regional business.

JEDI achieves this through operational activities and services that facilitate commerce with private and public partners. These activities and services are performed and offered at no cost to businesses and investors operating within the JEDI region. Activities and services of JEDI include:

1. Acting as the primary business resource for companies looking to invest or build in the region.

2. Managing international foreign industry investment interests.

3. Leading regional merger and acquisition opportunities.

4. Promoting regional exposure with target markets through various platforms and events at national and international levels.

5. Marketing industrial land developments and acting as an intermediary for expediting land development.

6. Long-term planning for industrial land growth with partner municipality.

7. Partnering with relevant government ministries to facilitate foreign investment in the region.

8. Providing existing regional companies with operational and international growth resources.