Human Resources & Operations

Human Resources

Alberta Employment Standards

Every province and the federal government have jurisdiction over employment and labour for specific types of employers, and each business will either be federally or provincially regulated. In Alberta, employment standards are contained in the Employment Standards Code and Regulation. Through these provincial laws, minimum standards of employment have been established for various categories. To learn more about how each of these employment categories is regulated, click here.

The Alberta Government also provides a toolkit that helps employers understand their rights and obligations under Employment Standards legislation. This kit provides information on legislation, condensed guides and fact sheets, explanations of processes and procedures, sample forms and templates, plus links to further information. To access the Employment Standards Toolkit, click here.

Training and Education for Employees

There are several educational institutions and training centres in the central Alberta region. The JEDI region has a strong focus on skilled trades in the oil and gas, manufacturing and agriculture industries. JEDI can assist with planning, guidance and partnership for employee training and education.

Regional Initiatives for Labour

JEDI is a part of regional initiative for labour with a group that includes local municipalities, the Alberta Government, regional educational institutes and training centres. The mandate for this group is to increase the efficiency of regional labour and team with key employers to provide growth and resource programs. If your organization could benefit from group employee training in a project or team program, JEDI can assess any solution that can be provided regionally.

For more information on the JEDI region’s labour force and to view the JEDI Regional Labour Study, go to our Workforce section.

Government Labour Grants for Employers

There are a large number of provincial and federal grant programs available to Canadian companies. They assist in in various areas of workforce development. To access information on these grants, go to our Grants section.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is the first step any business addresses when considering a change in their operations. Larger operational components include:

  • Marketing
  • Organizational development
  • Supply chain
  • Operational efficiencies
  • Asset management
  • Customer relationship management

If your organization is evaluating any these business components, JEDI can assist with guidance and relevant servicing partners.

Research and Development

Innovative companies are always looking at a new internal product or technology that can move their business forward. Some of them even come across it in their natural development without planning for it. Regardless of how the technology was derived, the challenge always liesĀ in how to move it forward and bring it into the market. JEDI will assist with the commercialization process of new technologies and can provide partners and additional funding sources.