About JEDI

Proactive partnerships start here.

Since 2003, we’ve helped businesses and investors thrive. As a non-profit Economic Development organization of the County of Wetaskiwin, Joint Economic Development Initiative (JEDI) facilitates successful development in our region.

Whether you’re an industrial operation relocating or expanding, a local company pursuing international growth, or a foreign investor looking for opportunities in Canada, we’re here, with the resources and vigour to make it a reality.

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Municipal Partner Team Members

Expertise and Services

We’re versed and immersed.

From navigating industrial land development and expanding your operations, to leading merger and acquisition opportunities and facilitating foreign investment, we’re here to help. JEDI provides clients with vital statistics, tailored resources, important contacts, proactive planning and expert follow-through.

To nurture our region’s economic climate, we also partner with government, business associations and educational institutions. Together, we create long-term growth strategies, and promote our municipal partners on a national and international scale.

Enterprising ideas start here.

Our Region

Central Alberta has an undeniable natural edge.

It’s woven throughout our region. It’s in the land—all 3,380 square-kilometres of it—abundant with opportunities. Here, you’ll find everything you need to support and grow your business: an accessible transportation sector, affordable land and a thriving economy. Plus, there’s a skilled labour force, ready and waiting to contribute to something big.

JEDI’s Future

Our biggest successes are only in the making.

What’s driving us to break new ground? The outcome. The people. The strength and success we create together. It always has, and always will. Witnessing a vibrant, progressive business community take shape is worth every bit of effort. Because, while our clients build greatness, they inspire an entire region to do the same.

But, our region’s biggest successes are only in the making. Day after day, we’re dedicated to nurturing our clients’ growth, knowing our full potential is ever-evolving.

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